Bag Limits

Bag Limits:

**Please Note - official bag limits can be found at the Saskatchewan's Environment website -

Snows, Blues, or Ross Geese:  
Daily Limit:  20/hunter
Possession Limit :  Unlimited  

Dark Geese (Canadas/ White Fronted Geese (a.k.a. Specklebellies)) and Ducks:
Daily Limit:  8 each per hunter
Possession Limit: 24 each per hunter 
***NOTE: Only 5 White Fronted Geese (a.k.a. Specklebellies) can be part of an 8 Dark Geese limit per day to a maximum of 15 and only 4 Pintails can be taken daily on an 8 duck limit per day to a maximum of 12.