Hunter Testimonials

Hears what some of our hunters say:

It's very difficult to put into words describing our second trip here with Maddhatter. Last year it was a bucket list trip of a lifetime. How could it get any better? Well, in 2018 we had 280 birds in four hunts. That says it all!! Amazing dog work and superb calling from Jeff, our guide. The owners and their staff makes Maddhatter Outfitting the finest waterfowl destination of a lifetime!

Mark - Illinois, USA 2018

Other than amazing, it's hard to put it into words. Excellent hunting and accommodations, great staff and most importantly, a great hunting trip! Thanks so much for taking such good care of us!

Ontario Boys - 2018

Year 3, and another amazing time as always! Excellent hunting, great food and companionship - what more needs to be said??

Adriano - Ontario, Canada - 2018

First time for me hunting at Maddhatter, but not the first time hunting waterfowl in Canada. We came here to hunt the late-season mallards. We picked the right outfitter! The owners and their staff go out of their way to accommodate all aspects of the hunt. Dave, our guide, was always moving decoys and paying attention to detail. It worked as we shot a 6-man limit of mallards on every hunt. Amazing week! Thanks so much!

Dean - Clear Lake, IA, USA

WOW, what a great experience! Maddhatter and its staff went out of their way, in every way, to make sure we had great hunting, great food, and comfortable accommodations. You can say it won't be my last hunt here, I'm definitely coming back!

David - Des Moines, IA, USA - 2018

Yet again, another trip of a lifetime! If you haven't hunted here, you need to put it on your bucket list. Maddhatter's staff goes above and beyond to make your hunt as memorable as possible. Great hunting, great food and accommodations. See everyone in 2019!

Frenchy Group - USA - 2018

It's not just the hunting at Maddhatter, although that is probably unprecedented anywhere in North America. It's all of the little things these folks provide that make it always one of my most memorable experiences. The staff is always cheerful and pleasant, greeting you with a smile, feeding you more than you want and cleaning your birds. The spotters consistently find birds and the guides are hardworking and knowledgeable. The management husband and wife team makes sure it all comes together. Treat yourself to a little bit of heaven sometime and come to the parklands of Saskatchewan. You won't be sorry, I have been coming for 12 years straight.

Murray - MI, USA - 2018

Another phenomenal year with Maddhatter!! It just doesn't get any better. Fabulous hunting, great food and accommodations and first class guides. I keep coming back for a reason. See all you guys next year!

Craig - AL, USA - 2018

Class act outfitter! Been hunting elsewhere in Canada for many years and they have nothing compared to Maddhatter. Incredible hunting, great food and lodging and excellent guides. Maddhatter does everything in its power to provide excellent hunting opportunities.

David - AL, USA - 2018

A day doesn't go by that I don't dream about all of our hunting at Maddhatter. All the staff are the best and friendliest people you could ever meet. And the guides are the best I've ever had. The best part is all these people become lifelong friends. The hunting is second to none. You need to come do this!

Chuck & Kay - NC, USA - 2018

If you want to shoot geese and ducks in great numbers and be treated like a king, then Maddhatter is the place for you! Maddhatter is one of the friendliest and most productive outfitters I have ever dealt with in my years of hunting. From the owner, to Carly the camp dog, everything was wonderful. Dave, our guide, was very attentive, but fun, and did a great job of calling in geese and ducks on all of our 9 hunts. The preparedness of the crew at Maddhatter cannot be matched. Every hunt we were in a new field and a new area and shot lots of birds on each hunt. The kitchen staff was great and the food was excellent. This was "our hunt of a lifetime" and we can't wait to return in 2018!!

Max - South Carolina, USA 2017

We had not hunted in Canada in the past and searched out for a guide and outfitter. Neil found Maddhatter and we could not have been more pleased! The owner and the entire staff are totally committed to not only a great hunt, but a complete hunting and lodging experience. Excellent lodging quarters and food, and for our first father and son hunting experience in Canada, we could not have been more pleased. See you in 2018!

Steve & Neil - South Carolina, USA 2017

Maddhatter was a phenomenal experience! Awesome guides & crew; excellent accommodations and food; all add up to just one hell of a time!! Hoping to see everybody again in 2018.

Eric - Missouri, USA 2017

Once again our group just finished another year with Maddhatter. This week is always special and we return year after year to this beautiful part of Saskatchewan. The hunting, which is the reason we come each year, is very special, but not by any means what makes this time of the year so wonderful. The food and the service is second to none. The scouting is thorough and you are always put on birds. The lodge is very comfortable with everything a hunter needs. Clean beds, great shower, great food and great hunting...what more needs to be said??!! Sign us up for 2018!!

Murray - Michigan, USA 2017

This was our first trip here and we hunted opening week. It will not be our last! Hunting with Maddhatter is a bucket-list trip for any waterfowler. Our party of 6 bagged 133 geese and 96 ducks in two and a half days. The wonderful staff ensures first class service. Our guide, Jeff, and his dog, Koda, were a blessing to watch. Making new friends from Newfoundland was icing on the cake. What a wonderful experience! See you in 2018!

Mark - Illinois, USA 2017

Best waterfowl hunting experience we've ever had in our lives!! Opening weekend with Maddhatter was unbelievable. Two and a half days of hunting equals 3 limits of Canadas and 2 limits of ducks. The service is top-notch from the guide to the ownership.

Tim - Minnesota, USA 2017

Thanks for providing our group with the best waterfowl hunting experience available anywhere. The Maddhatter entire team is outstanding. The food and the accommodations are wonderful and the guides are exceptional. This is our fifth year in a row and we look for to many more. We appreciate all you do to make this an unforgettable experience year after year.

Rick - Wisconsin, USA 2017

Another great memorable trip once again at Maddhatter! This is our 8th time here and we always receive a great hunting experience with great food and accommodations. The entire crew is top-notch. See you 2018!

Sandy - Georgia, USA 2017

Unbelievable hunting, fantastic hospitality, accommodations and food. Maddhatter makes for a trip you do not want to miss. This was my third hunting trip to Canada and Maddhatter by far, was the best. Thank-you again!

Dan - Wisconsin 2017

Fantastic waterfowl hunting! Lots of birds. Excellent food, wonderful staff, and every hunt was well thought out. Our guide was excellent. Thanks for a great time!!

Kip - New York, USA 2017

Thanks once again to the owner and crew at the Maddhatter operation. After hunting the prairies for 50 plus years, Maddhatter has the best hunting program I've been a part of. Seven years of returning and the hunting is only a bonus.

Jack - Wisconsin, USA 2017

Outstanding outfitter, wonderful accommodations, delicious food, excellent guides and spotters. It takes teamwork to make the dream work!! You got a great one!!

Locker Group - USA 2017

Year 15 and the hunting just gets better and better! 175 birds on the ground in 1 hour. That's 3 birds every minute, or 1 every 20 seconds! Accommodations, food and staff are outstanding. See you 2018!!

Bill - Georgia, USA 2017

It's the BEST!! Best people, best of the parklands, and the best in terms of quality waterfowling I've found in 50 plus years of trying.

Jack Hirt, WI USA 2016

Hunted 10 days, cant wait to come back next season for 3 weeks. We had 120 snows on the ground in 1 hour!!! Hats off to the owner and the rest of the wonderful staff!

Brian French, Sheboygan, WI USA - 2016

Fabulous hunting, excellent food, great cabin, tremendous guide and exceptional people!! What more is there to say???

Beimdiek Group, Carthage, MO USA 2016

To begin to describe the experiences, people and lodging here at Maddhatter is not something that can be easily put into words. An absolutely fantastic experience with a topnotch outfitter. We can't wait to return in 2017 and do it all over again!!

Jeffrey Beran, Scottsdale AZ USA 2016

Lots of ducks and geese! Our guide was excellent. Accommodations were very good and the food was delicious and plentiful. Everything here at Maddhatter worked smoothly like a well-thought out business should. The entire staff was very diligent to our needs and wishes. This is a place worth returning to!

Bob Suber, Clemmons, NC USA 2016

Another great job as usual! Thank you for all the hard work and for all the fun we have each year in our group. The guiding was excellent and great hospitality. See you in 2017!!

Phil Locker, Big Lake, Alaska USA 2016

Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting has exceeded our wildest imaginations. I have waterfowl hunted for 30 years and have never in my hunting life experienced anything like this past week. From our awesome guide, and now friend, Dave, to the owner and his staff, we have been treated like royalty. Birds of all species were in abundance. If you ever get a chance, make Maddhatter your first choice. Thank-you for the hunt of a lifetime!!

Chris Fox, Seattle WA USA 2016

2016 - Another great year with all the guys at Maddhatter! The owner and the whole staff did another great job at providing awesome hunting and excellent food and accommodations. This is one of the best weeks of hunting possible. 500 plus birds in 8 hunts...what more needs to be said???

Battle Group, Georgia USA 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed our week with Maddhatter! Outstanding facilities and even better hospitality. Thank you for the excellent hunting you provided and sharing this wildlife adventure with us.

Glenn Hagin Savannah, GA USA 2016

Customer oriented, always asking and looking for customer feedback and suggestions on how to improve. The owner and staff at Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting are top-notch. The accommodations and food are excellent. Thanks again for another "GREAT" hunting experience!

Erroll Cheney, Indiana USA 2016

Maddhatter is truly the ultimate waterfowling experience! The guides are very knowledgeable, great callers and overall good companions. The food and accommodations are outstanding and the cooks give you personal attention and spoiling. But most importantly this part of Saskatchewan is full of birds. It earns Saskatchewan its nickname, "Land of the Living Skies".

Brent Hatcher, Indiana, USA 2016

You haven't lived until you've seen the parklands of Saskatchewan in the fall. The vast golden grain fields stretch for miles bordered by forests and intercepted with small lakes and sloughs, most of which hold ducks and geese. For 10 years I have been witnessing this spectacle while hunting with Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting. I can't imagine there is another outfitter that exhibits the passion and puts forth the effort which allows their hunters to enjoy a complete week of waterfowling. The food, the lodging, the wonderful and always cheerful staff, the camaraderie of the groups, and hunting which is nearly unparalleled in North America, never fails to give me a week to remember. Sign me up for year number 11!

Murray McMurray Michigan, USA 2015

We had an awesome week of hunting with Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting. Maddhatter and it's staff work extremely hard to make your stay a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Everyone, from the ladies in the kitchen, to the guides and spotters, work for your satisfaction. I will definitely be back in 2016!

Rob Brett Georgia, USA 2015

12 years in a row and once again, another fantastic week of waterfowling with Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting. I assure you that NOBODY does it better than these guys. Sign me up for year 13!

Abbot Easterlin Georgia, USA 2015

This was year 3 for me and I was just as amazed and excited as if it was year 1. Maddhatter is a first-class operation and the hunting is world-class by anyone's standards. Hats off to Maddhatter and its staff, and thanks again for another awesome week of waterfowling!

Rod Mercer Newfoundland, CA 2015

Maddhatter has excellent hunting because of great people putting forth a great effort, which makes for a great week of waterfowling. As a hunter, you can't ask for more. Maddhatter is the best outfitter - hands down - of any that I've come across in 50 plus years of waterfowling. Sign our group up for 2016!

Jack Hirt Wisconsin, USA 2015

Maddhatter sure knows how to set up a snow goose spread and scout the best fields! We continuously had birds working us and we shot tons of snows and ducks every day. We hunt birds all over the world and this is a world-class bird hunting experience. If you want to see hard work put forth to put hunters on great snow goose and duck hunting, you need to give Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting a try.

Al Schultz/Joe Anderson Michigan, USA 2015

If you want a first-class waterfowl hunting experience, then Maddhatter is the place for you. It's the best goose and duck hunting a hunter could ever ask for. With guides and spotters who know how to put you on the birds, it's a recipe for success. On top of that, very comfortable and relaxing accommodations, mouthwatering food (I end up gaining 5 pounds every time I go there to hunt!) and a friendly staff makes Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting a premier outfitter. This is my 6th year coming to Maddhatter and I've never been disappointed. We had another great trip this year and we're already planning 2016.

Sandy Gorse Georgia, USA 2015

Awesome hunt! The staff did an outstanding job in all aspects of Maddhatter's service. Maddhatter is a first-class operation. I'll be back !

Brian French Wisconsin, USA 2015

Arrived for the last week of hunting in 2015 for the dates of October 11th to 15th. Food, accommodations and hospitality were 5-star. The hunts were intense, yet relaxing. Cory was an awesome guide! He provided an excellent hunting experience for the whole group. Maddhatter and their spotters kept us on top of the Canada Geese, big Mallard ducks and Snows. The cooks were the best we have ever experienced on any guided hunts we've ever been on. Can't wait to return!

Eric Webster Louisiana, USA 2015

This was my 4th year hunting with Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting and as always, it was outstanding. The new lodging was second to none. The food was first-class, along with the guides. Anyone that wants an exceptional waterfowl experience needs to hunt with Maddhatter. I know I will be returning next year!

Richard Engel Arkansas, USA 2015

Our group of 6 had a NON stop week of EXTREME waterfowl action! We killed a 771 mixed bag limit in 9 hunts and that holds the Maddhatter record for most kills in one week. The food, lodging, staff and guides were second to none. I couldn't in my wildest dreams have imagined reaching numbers like this on a 4.5 day hunt. It was mine and my Dad's first trip to Canada but it won't be our last.. Sign us up for next year.. Truly amazing! David Fazende Louisiana 2014

David Fazende

Maddhatter's hunting is eat, sleep, hunt, eat, sleep, hunt.. Am I in heaven?? I don't need to scout fields or clean birds. GREAT GREAT meals, lots of birds and friendships that have been built over many many years. I hunt all around the midwest in the States but nothing comes close to hunting with Maddhatter and I mean NOTHING!!! For one week each fall I am truly in heaven. Sign me up for the next 10 years. Murray McMurray Iowa 2014

Murray McMurray

Our group of 6 from the Delta Hunt Club enjoyed nothing less than a world class waterfowl hunt with Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting. Accommodation, food and service was first class. Every aspect of Maddhatter's operation is professional and their guides are superior. For a dedicated waterfowl hunter this is truly a trip of a life time! Walter Bumgardner Mississippi 2014

Walter Bumgardner

Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting was top of the line in every way possible. The hunting was an experience of a lifetime. We killed 572 birds in 9 hunts. No one could ever ask for a better week of waterfowling than this. Our guide was an amazing guy and a great waterfowler and tried in every way possible to give us great hunting. The food (cooks were amazing!) and the accommodations were excellent. The Maddhatter Outfitting crew treated us like family and were breaking their backs in every way possible to please us. I will be back!!!! Hunter Stuckey GA 2014

Hunter Stuckey

If you want to experience a first class waterfowl hunt you owe it to yourself to give Maddhatter a try. Their dedication to the customer is second to none. The accommodations, food, guides and equipment are all first class. I have hunted all over Canada with many outfitters and I have put Maddhatter on the top of my list. I have just recently booked my 4th hunt with them for next fall. Richard Engel Illinois 2014

Richard Engel

We had an excellent time. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The guides were excellent and very friendly to our group. The hunting, food and accommodations were first class. I would recommend to anyone who's looking to hunt with a first class operation to check out Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting. Brady Sattler Louisiana 2014

Brady Sattler

Year 10 and another great year! The birds misbehaved but the total experience is still the best in the business. Great duck hunting over the Saskatchewan River. Our group killed over 300 birds on a 5 day hunt and we call this a down year!!! This in itself speaks volumes for Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting. See you in 2015... Abbot Easterlin GA 2014

Abbot Easterlin

This was my 5th year hunting with Maddhatter and another outstanding year with great hunting, great food, and great folks running this operation. Lots of birds in the area and we hunted over great gear with a great guide. We will see you all in 2015. Great time had by all!!!! Mike Stuckey GA 2014

Mike Stuckey

Awesome hunting once again and a fabulous experience all the way around. We will see you in 2015. Thanks again to a great team!! Craig Lincoln Alabama 2014

Craig Lincoln

Year 9 and once again excellent hunting, great food and got to see the Northern Lights!! What could be better?? Iceberg Whiskey??!!! See you in 2015... Bill Easterlin GA 2014

Bill Easterlin

I offer my thoughts in regards to my experience hunting with Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting. I have been hunting waterfowl in North & South America for over 20 years. Since retiring in 2000, I spend 75 to 90 days a year hunting. I have hunted with many outfitters, evaluated them for a major booking agent, have written for the Bird Hunting Report, and I can truthfully say "NOBODY" that I have hunted with is more passionate and put forth more effort to satisfy and improve than Maddhatter and its staff. Maddhatter's owner constantly evaluates, reviews and asks his customers and staff "How can we improve?" Maddhatter's staff truly demonstrates "A passion for excellence & customer satisfaction". Every aspect of this operation is outstanding and they should be very proud. The best reference I can give is to say I will return, bringing family and friends, and to recommend Maddhatter without hesitation.

Erroll Cheney - 2013 Field Expert/Drake Waterfowl Crawfordsville, Indiana

Cannot say enough about Maddhatter!! More important than shooting 737 birds in 9 hunts.. The service, scouting, lodging and meals are second to NONE.. In the services industry Maddhatter has a world class operation..

Josh Lehde-2013 O'Fallon,USA

I can't imagine there is another place in North America that can give a true hunter (Not just a killer) a better place to spend a week pursuing what you enjoy doing most. The food, Lodging, scouting, guides and hunting are second to NONE.. This was my eight year with Maddhatter. I started out as a single hunter filling in were a group needed a hunter and now I return every year with the same group of guys each year.. The hunting just gets better and better and the laughing continues to bring me back.. Believe me you can't go wrong with this outfitter as your choice..

Murray McMurray- 2013 Webster city, USA

These are the reasons I was so favourably Impressed during my 2013 week at Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting. Skilled guides, principled owner and staff, Great variety of birds species and hunting experiences, Outstanding value, Comfortable Accommodation and Delicious food, Outfitter dedicated to the hunter success.. I truly can't think of a reason to go anywhere else..

Randy McKnight -2013 Utah, USA

This is my 7th year here at Maddhatter and Third with new the owner at the helm. He has never failed to do all he can to make this week enjoyable and unforgettable . Once again we smashed the birds and we had a blast. This is by far the best guide service in the business..

Gary Wyatt - Jefferson, USA

Maddhatter and it's staff offer's the waterfowl hunter an exceptional hunting experience.. The lodging and food was was exceptional and the guides are experienced and committed.. Whether your passion is Canada geese, Snow geese or Ducks there is NO better value in Canada than Maddhatter guides and outfitting..

Bob Hansen 2013 Montana,USA

It's truly the best waterfowl hunting I have ever done. Great food, Lodging and guides. Maddhatter is a first class operation. I will be back and I'll be bringing more friends.. Thanks for a week in heaven..

Rick Wilke - 2013 WI,USA

First class hunting with exceptional guides, scouting, food and Lodging. The Maddhatter crew takes extra care to make sure every hunt is a successful one. Excellent week!!

AJ.Hand- 2013 Covington, USA

This was my first experience hunting ducks and geese in Canada. I had heard stories from my hunting buddies about the great hunting and hospitality that Maddhatter provided. But the reality was much more than what I had heard. Tons of snow geese, canadas and ducks. A waterfowler's dream! I have hunted all across the Mississippi Flyaway in the US and have never seen anything remotely close to what we experienced here. The folks were incredibly gracious and the accommodations and food were excellent. It's unbelievable how hard they work to ensure that your group have a hunting week of a lifetime. And they definitely succeeded! I would not hesitate to recommend Maddhatter to anyone who wants to go to Canada and experience the best waterfowl hunting that the country has to offer.

Matt Chambers - 2013 Georgia, USA

Year after year Maddhatter provides an outstanding experience. Excellent hunting, first class food and accommodations and most importantly, they make you feel like part of their family. Maddhatter provides a unique quality hunting experience for an unbelievably affordable price. Hopefully I will see you next year at Maddhatter, because I guarantee you I will be there again!

Gerry Horak - 2013 Fort Collins, CO USA

Year 10 with Maddhatter and it was as good as any. Thank you for another September of world class bird hunting and world class accommodations. See you in 360 days from now!!

Abbot Easterlin - 2013 Georgia, USA

What can be said other than Great hunting, guides, food,lodging and scouting.. it's a trip of a life time!!!

Drew battle-2013 Wadley,USA

"This week at Maddhatter was a week that a lifetime of memories was made. The hunting and the amount of birds will be talked about for generations to come. The comfort of the lodge and dining experience added to the overall family atmosphere. This has been my fifth year and we already booked for next year. I have brought both my sons here and it was a trip that I, and I'm sure they, will never forget. Thanks to the owners of Maddhatter for making it all possible."

Dennis Heskett, Murray, KY, USA (2012)

"Maddhatter certainly exceeded our group's expectations. Not only was the hunting unbelievable, the accommodations and lodging experience were superb. We limited out on honkers four mornings and killed a total of 115 ducks. The Maddhatter weekly hunting program goes beyond every sportsman's dreams. We not only had the hunt of a lifetime, but had daily meals and service that were above and beyond most outfitters. We will certainly be back and can't thank the group at Maddhatter enough for the hunting trip of a lifetime!

Marlowe Group, Cadiz, KY, USA (2012)

"We wanted to thank you and your staff for a great waterfowl hunt in Saskatchewan. We couldn't have asked for a greater effort from an outfitter; from the spotters finding the fields, to the guides setting us up for good shooting action, with great food and lodgings to boot. The prairie and all the wildlife were great to see as well. We will have lots of memories. Thanks a lot."

Jesse and Daryl Hutton, Ontario, Canada (2012)

Maddhatter offered, by far, the best waterfowl hunting experience we have ever had. The accommodations were outstanding and the meals were better than we have at home! The hunts were very well scouted and well planned for the weather and how the birds were working. Some days we had to drive over an hour and a half to hunt which shows the amount of scouting time spent finding the "X". For a waterfowl hunter, this MUST be on your bucket list, you will not find a better group of people to hunt and stay with while in Saskatchewan."

Josh Lehde, O'Fallon, IL, USA (2012)

"Our party of four had an absolutely awesome waterfowl hunting adventure at Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting. It was so much more than we ever expected. Your professional guides and staff are first class and the food was to die for. Thanks Gals, for your hard work. It was a wonderful experience for all of us and I'm sure we'll be back sometime in the future. Thanks so much."

Larry & Claire De Coux and Carl Gervais, Nampa, ID, USA Paul De Coux, Caldwell, ID, USA(2012)

"This week was absolutely the best hunting week of my LIFE. I have been hunting all my life and we bagged 1050 birds in one week. The snow geese were amazing! We killed 260 in one hunt. The Lord blessed us with great fellowship, laughter and birds in abundance. May God richly bless you for memories that will last a lifetime."

Michael Heskett, Morristown, TN, USA (2012)

"I came to Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting as part of a four-man group who met each other here and get together each year to hunt again. We have a combined number of years with Maddhatter of 30 years. This, in itself, should be testimonial of the great hunting, superior food, accommodations and fun that we enjoy here year after year. Keep up the good work and sign us up for next year!"

Murray McMurray, Webster City, Iowa, USA (2012)

"I will start by telling you that this is my 5th year hunting with Maddhatter Guides & Outfitting and of course, the last 2 years with the new owner running the camp. This place has absolutely improved under his leadership and it is a 5-Star operation by all means. We set a new daily record with 260 snows and a new weekly record with 1050 total birds. All that being done with one 13-hunter hunt, four 12-hunter hunts, and four 8-hunter hunts. I am so proud to know that he has more interest in this service than collecting the money. He truly puts his heart in it and has made this one of the best waterfowl guiding services in the country. Beyond all that, his personality is top-notch and I look forward to returning for years."

Gary Wyatt, Jefferson City, TN, USA (2012)

"2012 was my 9th year hunting with Maddhatter and I have never been disappointed. The last two years under new ownership have been truly exceptional. The bird hunting is more awe-inspiring every time I drive up from Georgia. The lodging and food are fantastic and the people are friendly and accommodating. If you have never hunted Saskatchewan for waterfowl, you NEED to do this trip but don't think your will get my spot cause I intend to book for the next 10 years!"

Abbot Easterlin, Augusta, GA, USA (2012)

When you come to Maddhatter you experience the best - knowledgeable guides, excellent food and accommodations, and most importantly great fellow hunters and staff. It is not just a hunt but an experience that will stay with you all through the year. So I will be back 2012!"

Gerry Horak, Fort Collins, CO, USA (2012)

This was my sixth year with Maddhatter Outfitting but the first under the new owners. I was pleased to know that nothing had changed; great accommodations and food, wonderful friendships formed within our group, and most of all great waterfowling. In my six years here I have hunted nearly all of the weeks (early September to early October) and have had great shooting each week. The guides are good and the scouting assures you of being put on birds. Being able to have two hunts per day without scouting or cleaning birds is a real bonus. I hunt all over the plains states and prairies of the U.S. and nothing compares to the hunting Maddhatter provides in Saskatchewan - nothing.

Murray McMurray - Iowa - 2011

My Experience with Maddhatter guides and outfitting was a wonderful one!! The staff and owners really go out of their way to make you feel at home. The accommodations, food and hunting were the best. It was my first trip and it won't be my last. Re-book me for 2012.

Jason Gaudet, PEI, Canada - 2011

Amazing Hunting!! you can't kill birds like that at home. Perfect food and great lodge. I can't wait to come back next year.

Jake Puddister Newfoundland, Canada - 2011

We appreciated your hard work to get us good shoots ! The accommodations were great and the upgrade in the decoy spread was a tremendous improvement . Thanks!

Phil Locker, Pulaski, TN, USA - 2011

My experience with Maddhatter guides and outfitting was a trip of lifetime. The food, accommodations, guides and hunting is class A+. The workers at Maddhatter make you feel just like home. Our group is booked for 2012. Thank you MADDHATTER!

Jamie Quilty, Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada - 2011

I would like to thank you for just a great experience in hunting this year. You went over the top with your spotting of the fields, cooking and hospitality. I would highly recommend your camp to anyone looking to have a great hunting trip. Having hunted up in Canada many years, the effort you put forth was very clear. This was the first year that my son was able to go hunt in Canada, your service spoiled him for the rest. Feel free to give out my info any time you need a reference, that is the least I can do for you after such a great hunt.

Tim Humpreville, Yucca Valley, California, USA - 2011