Recommended Items to Bring to a Bird Hunt

What to pack on your bird hunting trip:

(In addition to your regular bird hunting kit) 

  • Camouflage is a must. Advantage Wetland, Fall Flight, Shadow Grass are all good patterns for our area.
  • White camouflage or overalls for snow goose hunting.
  • Face masks - Both white and camouflage facemasks.
  • Cooler - If you are planning on taking birds home, you must either bring a cooler or arrangements can be made for us to purchase one for you either before or after arrival in camp.
  • Ammunition - You may bring your own or you may make arrangements for us to order it for you. Expect to shoot a minimum of 2-3 boxes a day. We suggest BB's for geese and # 2 or #3 shot for ducks. 
  • Coffee thermos.  
  • Hip waders.  
  • Calls - Canada, Speck and duck calls.
  • Shotgun plug - For semi automatics, you are only allowed 3 rounds in the gun, 1 in the chamber and 2 in the magazine.
  • Rain gear.
  • If hunting later in the season, warm weather clothes would be a good idea.