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Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting is a licensed outfitter operating in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Our license number is E-2008.
We hunt strictly for waterfowl and our outfitting area covers approximately 3000 square miles. We do not outfit for any other game, so that the waterfowl hunt receives all of our focus and attention. Our area has a large number of permanent and seasonal water-bodies which are interspersed with farmland where both cereal and legume crops are grown in abundance. Ducks Unlimited has several large projects and refuges developed in our area.
We are fortunate to be some of the first hunters to hunt the fall migrants as they head south for the winter. The combination of excellent wetland habitat, vast grain-fields and both Mississippi and Central fly-away migrants make our waterfowl operation one of the best in North America.
There is a wide range of waterfowl species that we hunt for. 
Our geese species include Greater & Lesser Canada Geese and White Fronted Geese (a.k.a. Specklebellies).  We also have one of the largest migrations of Snow Geese in North America.  This includes Blue, Ross, Juvie and Adult Snow Geese.
Our duck shoots are primarily in the field, with the occasional shoots on and over water. Our primary focus is Mallards, along with other Dabbler species which include Pintails, Gadwalls, Widgeons, Teals, and Northern Shovelers. We rarely shoot Divers, but when we do they may be Redheads, Canvasbacks, Scaups, Ring Necks, Golden Eyes, and Buffleheads.  
Sandhill Cranes also migrate through the area, and we hunt them as opportunities present themselves.
There are illegal outfitting (unlicensed) operators in Saskatchewan. It is your responsibility to ensure you have selected a fully licensed operator.
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